Real Sex Scandals Presents:
The cheating boyfriend and the slutty roommate
real sex scandals - the cheating roommate
Really Baby, Your Roommate Seduced Me!

Cheaters will always make up any kind of wild story to escape a sticky situation, and in this case both the boyfriend and the now EX-roommate were damn close to getting hospitalized by a girl who simply reached her boiling point!

And what to you expect when you catch your boyfriend and your roommate naked in the game room? Obviously it was more than just a friendly game of pool they were playing!  Watch the action unfold as this unsuspecting cheater gets caught red handed by her girlfriend/roomie practically fucking the guy right on the pool table!

cheating roommate 1
Girl Turns on the Hidden Camera
cheating roommate 2
Enter Her Slutty Roommate
cheating roommate 3
She knows Roomy is up to no good!
roommate_sex_scandal 4
She tells roomy she's going shopping
roommate_sex_scandal 5
Soon after the cheating commences
roommate_sex_scandal 6
Boyfriend and Roommate go at it
roommate_sex_scandal 7
Girl returns from shopping
roommate_sex_scandal 8
She catches them red handed & explodes
roommate_sex_scandal 9
She attacks boyfriend with pool cue
roommate_sex_scandal 10
She gets a few good shots in
roommate_sex_scandal 11
And now it's the roommates turn...
roommate_sex_scandal 12
Her roomy grabs the pillow for protection
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